November 28, 2018



Hi, everyone. Welcome to Ifeoma Chukwu’s blog.

I’m more than excited to have finally started a motivational blog. You know, the best people to help others are not those who have studied life in a book. It is those who lived it. I’m like a boat the storms have beaten continuously, but still stay afloat because God keeps me. Like the mighty oak tree, caught in a fierce storm, bending in the wind to keep from being uprooted, I learned to accept my plight, to stay grounded and today, I have been able to turn my once upside down world right side up again.  Here is a little about me… Got married at the age of 22, suffered domestic violence and separated at the age of 26 (sounds like it literally ended before it began. I must have thought marriage was a boy/girl relationship.) I’m blessed with two lovely sons, 12 and 9 year old (both in college), who exude immense wisdom. Their father, my husband, died sometime in February, 2016. When I narrate my experiences, some people say that’s baloney. “You don’t want to experience it yourself,” I say. My past didn’t make me bitter, but better. I am not ashamed of my scars because without them, I wouldn’t be the strong and wise woman that I am today. My own up close and personal experiences have given me a heightened appreciation for people. It has added greater empathy for all that people are going through. Best of all, it has given me a greater sense of dependency on and trust in God as well. If you have ever endured a storm, you have such a different attitude from people who have never suffered nor failed. You have become a vessel of mercy and God wants to use you. I created this blog to help people who are touched with the same pain to get out of their beds and walk. Yes, you can! It all boils down to your perspective and massive trust in God. I’m glad God chose me for that test, gladder I learned all the lessons, but gladdest that I’m finally able to teach others how to avoid the school of hard knocks. As TD Jakes rightly said, “God takes the broken and the wounded and rehabilitates them so that they can be clinicians of healing and instrument of life.” If you are wondering if anyone has survived what you are currently going through, I have and I’m glad to help you survive what I have endured, and still enduring.  You do yourself a great disservice being bottled up. A problem solved is halved. A lot of people are depressed today because they feel no one cares. I CARE VERY MUCH.  So, feel free to share your struggles with me and I will do my best to get you unstuck. We all are struggling in one way or another but I worry less about my own struggles when I am focused on resuscitating others – just because I know God is surrounding what’s surrounding me. It is said that broken girls become warriors. But I say, broken girls can only become warriors if they cease to be worriers. Worry blurs your vision. Go on a worry free diet. Treat whatever is happening to you right now as a gift. The situation isn’t working against you, its working for you – I experienced this first hand. I’m going to be sharing my journey through the fires of perdition and of course, how God got me out unscathed. It’s my wish that your visit to my blog leaves you better than you were – GLOWING in the fire instead of groaning. 

Stay tuned!



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