It’s not working against you!

November 30, 2018

No, it’s not working against you. It’s working for you. God never allows a situation He is unable to handle. The will of God will never take you to where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears. God is able to bring great good through the difficult seasons of your life. He sees all things and His will, will never take you to where His omnipresence will not find you. After my husband and I separated, He took my kids and threatened to kill me if I ever came close to them.  I wanted a divorce, but he wouldn’t grant me that. My parents wouldn’t support me either. They were knights of the church and didn’t want anyone to smear the good image they had toiled so hard to build. Fighting him was like forcing a camel through the eye of a needle – I didn’t have money to go to court. Poor me!😭.Even though I kept yelling, “I’ll fight you with the last drop of my blood.” I knew I would do nothing. I was a toothless bulldog! 

I was barred from seeing my children for more than three years. The visibly distressed me sometimes walked in the middle of the road and had people honking and abusing me. On two occasions, I left my room in the back of my T. shirt. Whenever I got on a bus and paid, I forgot to collect my change. 🤦‍♀️Before long, I began to look like I would vanish like a moth-eaten cloth. One morning,  I decided to turn myself inside out, like a dirty sock, into a better, more cheerful version of myself. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was time to stop dwelling and start living. I’ll describe two things that helped my transformation in two words – praise and thanksgiving.  Praise unlocks your blessings. Praise always precedes the victory. If you want a raise, you must learn to praise in the storm. When my father started talking about furthering my studies whilst we waited on God to give us the wisdom to handle my marital crisis, I knew God was at work. 

Fast forward to 2015, I traveled to the United Kingdom for my Master’s in Creative Writing. Talk about when God writes the next chapter of your life. It was then I believed that there was no story interesting as the one God was writing about me. The next level (MA programme) would have been difficult if I had my kids with me. I would have been wondering who would take care of them; of course my Mom wouldn’t have looked in my corner. LOL.  Today, he’s late and my sons he barred me from seeing are with me now. 😍When your ways are pleasing to God, he makes even your enemies to become your ladder to greatness. I have been completely overhauled. Thanks to the Holy Spirit. You can’t have a head-and-heart-on collision with Him and still remain the same. 

I’m very grateful to God for those hard times. The bitter pills He forced down my throat were critical to our growth (my sons and I). My men are stronger, more knowledgeable and incredibly independent.  I realized I wasted enormous time worrying over a situation God had already taken care of😭. My second son exudes wisdom at just 9 years old. I call him , ‘Mr. Wise Man.’😂 When he says certain things to people, I clutch my chest and wonder how a 9 year old could be that brilliant. My first son is already writing his story. “I want people to read my story, Mom.” He says. He teaches me how to make local foods.  when we get into an argument about how to prepare a certain meal, he always wins.😂 What a shame!(in his voice)😂. They too went through hell and returned unscathed. I’m glad they learned all the lessons and are willing to impact the lives of others. Their wives will be the luckiest, trust me. They are both borders and coping very fine. God was preparing them for such a time as this. When I worry sometimes, they go, “Mummy, God will do it.” Yes, because HE saved them and hasn’t run out of solutions to other challenges. 

Really, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Any problem that is beyond God doesn’t exist. There is good in every bad situation. All you need is to have the right perspective. Sometimes, good things are birthed through tragedies. Go through the process and learn from it. That setback can be your stepping stone if you don’t step back. It hurts, yes but if we rely on God, he brings us out unscathed. When your roots are deep, there’s no reason to fear that wind. Stay strong, sweetheart. You are not alone. There is a lesson in that season.  Believe it isn’t happening to you, but for you.  

Faith it until it happens!

I C 


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