God has the roadmap to your Destiny

February 20, 2019


   My brother and I were on our way to work when we hit some heavy traffic.  Since other roads were alien to me, I decided to hold on until the traffic controllers arrived. My brother didn’t waste a split second as he immediately reversed, and signaled me to join him. I nodded amidst smiles; even though I knew I wasn’t moving an inch from where I was. That was the road I was used to and would rather wait than go about asking random people for direction. My phone rang a few seconds later. It was my brother.

“I can’t see you behind me. Where are you?”

“Bro, this is the only road I’m familiar with. I don’t want to get lost. ” I stuttered.

“What? You can’t afford to waste your entire day in traffic, Sis. Please, reverse immediately. I’m parked not too far away waiting for you.” He said. “You won’t get lost. I’m before you to lead you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me, Sis! Please, reverse now.”

The unfamiliar road was as straight and dried as spaghetti, devoid of traffic and bumps. Soon, we were at the office; in time for the Monday meeting. As I ascended the stairs, I thought, “This must be how God urges us to move or let go but we’d rather hold on tenaciously to whatever it is, entwine ourselves with the cord and then blame Him when things get hopelessly tangled.”

Trust God        

Isn’t that road lonely? Isn’t it too far? How safe is it anyway? How am I sure this road leads to my destination? These are the questions we ask each time God instructs us to take a route that doesn’t look like his promise. Sometimes, God takes us on a different route to prevent mishaps and preserve our lives. If we trusted Him as much as we trusted humans, we wouldn’t be thrown off the cliff when we are fraught with challenges. We all believe in God, but to allow him to lead us? That’s asking a little too much. Isn’t it? We trust in our own abilities, in the doctor’s report and other people’s judgment. When we get on a plane, we don’t ask the pilot for his resume. We don’t ask the bus driver for his licence. We simply get on the bus  and fasten our seat belts, trusting him to lead us to our destination. What happened to trusting God, the master planner, the way maker? Even though we have been provided with the evidence of his good works in the bible, we fear He might have exhausted His powers; after all, those miracles were performed more than 2000 years ago. And when we manage to trust Him for a few days and our request is taking too long to be granted, we give up. Sadly, some of us aren’t even aware that God is waiting on us, and we are sat at the complaint counter yelling at Him for abandoning us. If God decided to spank us for raising our voices at Him, none of us would sit down ever again.

 Are you stuck in traffic?

A friend, Sheila, had waited long enough for her dream job. She fasted and prayed, but it seemed as if the more she fasted and prayed, the longer the waiting period. She wouldn’t accept any job below her level of competence and legitimate aspirations. Life became increasingly difficult until she decided to abandon herself to the will of God. One night, while she prayed, God asked her to accept an odd job she had repeatedly rejected and watch what happens. She didn’t like the route God was about to take her through. She wondered all night how that route could possibly lead to her destination. Eventually, she heeded His instruction, and accepted a job as a factory worker who must drudge all day at repetitive tasks. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired of idling away her time. Even though her remuneration was less than the minimum wage, she wasn’t bothered. She had asked God to take the wheel and believed He would lead her right. A month later, problem arose at the factory; which brought production to a halt. No one knew how to detangle the situation which already seemed hopeless, but Sheila who was adept at problem solving. Before long, business was back to normal and order was restored as if nothing happened. Impressed by her intelligence, her boss recommended her to a friend who owned an oil firm. A top position had been vacant after a staff was sacked. Sheila was employed to fill the vacuum. She didn’t have to start from the lower rungs of the ladder like her colleagues; hers was a divine lift. She moved from barely getting by to having more than enough, from welfare to fair and well. Now, imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t taken the godly route…

Be like Sheila!

Your obedience to God is critical to your success. You’ll remain stuck on stuck if you try to follow a word God didn’t give you. Don’t just pray, pay attention to his voice as direction is usually heard not seen. The road you think is dreadful might be the road to your destiny. You do not obey God only when it’s convenient for you. You obey him even in your inconvenience. Be careful how you insist in your own way so that you do not miss your way.  What you think you deserve might destroy you. If he has asked you to take another route, trust Him to get you to your destination.  Now, don’t tell me He doesn’t speak to you. He does speak to everyone, but we do not pay attention because we desperately want things done our way. He can never point you in the wrong direction. That ‘humiliating’ job you are neglecting today might be where your miracle would spring from. God might want to use that as a launching pad to the promise land. Don’t let your way get in God’s way. Step out in faith. Do not remain in traffic. Now is the time to reverse.  The more you wait, the more  traffic thickens. The more traffic thickens, the more frustrated you’d become. God is parked in the corner waiting on you to join him. Do not allow fear to grab you by the tail and swing you hopelessly until you’ve lost yourself. Nothing great has ever emanated from the comfort zone. Move! Trust Him. He’s before you to lead you. Get off the snowy dead-end. No, you aren’t waiting on God; God is waiting on you. Reverse now!

 Have you reached your wit’s end?

Chuck whatever you are used to in the bin and get used to God’s way- understanding that he chooses to do something at his own time. Your life is fraught with fear, anxiety and desperation because you are expecting God to work on your own timeline. Submit yourself to his timeline, be vulnerable to Him and watch how he redeems that which everyone thought was irredeemable. Trusting in God requires that you abandon everything you have ever believed about what brings you happiness, fulfillment and peace.  It’s hard, but it’s achievable. As someone who has been faced with many crippling challenges, I can tell you that trusting God is the most difficult course to study in life. You never graduate as each new challenge calls for re-commitment. The more often you see God’s hand working in your life, the easier this trusting becomes. When you trust in the Lord, you’ll feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.  Let him handle your worries. I used to worry so much about why things didn’t work the way I thought, until God told me that there were some things He wasn’t ready to reveal to me. So, I became comfortable not knowing, and that indeed revolutionized my life.

You’ve been on a bumpy ride for decades. Why not embark on a smooth journey with Jesus. He beckons today. Follow him. Ask no questions. Rest assured you’d get to your destination.Hear Him, “I’ll make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.” Isaiah 43;19. No one else has the roadmap to your destiny, but Him. Trust Him!


I. C

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