God’s Painful no is a Beautiful YES

July 25, 2019

The nos I have got from God are enormous. They are unexpected and disappointing. But I have since realized that God’s “painful” no is in reality, a beautiful YES. When I look behind me at the slew of nos, I see how each one led precisely to a much needed yes. Some years ago, it seemed as though my life was crumbling like a pack of badly arranged cards. I beckoned to God to save me, but His response was a deafening silence. In hindsight, I’m totally grateful to God for not saving me from the storm, but rather saved me in the storm. While I was groaning and calling out to him for help, he was rewriting my story and reshaping my identity. A frustrating no is setting the stage for a desired YES. Quit trying to figure out the likely outcome. keep calm and let God work. The waiting, the meantime, the in between, all serve a purpose. Even the delay and the detours. A failure in the present can turn out to be a catalyst for something extraordinary in the end. Your perspective is instrumental to your success. When God slams you with a “negative” report, look at it from a positive lens. He may be saying no to our dreams, but He is not saying no to His promise. He’s saying, “Hang in there, child. I’m packaging the best for you. It won’t be long.”

Are you sat in a corner brooding over a closed door? There’s more! It is true that disappointments can burrow into even the strongest Christian, but I want you to know that all things are working together for your good.  You may  not understand it. It may not seem fair, but He knows what He’s doing.  When God says NO, He wants to strengthen our relationship with him. Hold on to Him even when it seems pointless. God’s ways are weird. He doesn’t make normal moves. He says to trust Him not question Him. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. When Jesus asked if the cup of suffering could be taken away from Him, God’s answer was no; and Jesus humbly submitted to His will. What seemed like a defeat became victory on Easter Sunday. Christ suffered that we might be saved. Imagine if Jesus hadn’t accepted the will of His father- there would be no salvation for sinners. God allows us to face challenges, and fortifies us to overcome them so that we’d be better armed to save others from the same pain. There’s always purpose in our pain. The same spot that made you cry and moan is where you can bring honor and healing to those who are touched with the same pain. The best people to help others are not those who studied life in a book. It is those who lived it.  Some challenges are necessary for our growth. We may not like them, but they are the paths and reroutes that would eventually lead us to the land of promise.  His no is absolutely merciful even when it’s painful.

Our faith is tested when what we asked God doesn’t match with what we are seeing. But, we must acknowledge the sovereignty of our Lord, knowing He is God all by Himself and owes us no explanation to whatever He does. Ours is to believe He’d give us the best; His is to give us the best as promised. Submit the troubled areas of your life to the word of God- It is Finished. Have the I-don’t-know-how-it’s-going-to-happen-but-I-know-it’ll-happen-because-God-said-it-will-happen mentality and watch Him do exceedingly and abundantly more than you ever dreamed or imagined. (Ephesians 3:20) God alters our plans to usher in His. The scripture says we make our plans, but God directs our actions. Everything God does, He does to make us more dependent upon him. If He gave us everything we asked in an instant, we would misuse them. He works in us so that we are mature enough to handle the blessings. God isn’t deaf to our cries, pleading and longing. He shows up when we least expect it. Rejection is God’s direction. Praise Him in the midst of uncertainties. If He said He would do it, He will do it. “You don’t know what I’m doing now, but you’ll understand later.” John 13: 7. God’s ways are good even when our situations are bad.

The plans we make are usually thwarted because God has something greater in stock. Rejoice when you are greeted with disappointment for God’s appointment shall come at the appointed time. “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” Isaiah 60:22. When we remember that the promises outweigh the crippling process, the excruciating pains ache a little sweeter. We dance in the storm knowing that God’s promises have never failed.

Praise Him when He says YES, but don’t also forget to praise Him when He says NO. Sooner than later, you’d find out both answers are a blessing. Whatever you want today might do more more harm than good. Savor the nos. Have faith in the one whose promises never fail and He’d get you through the storm. We don’t just go to God to grab something and then run off; we go to him to have a one on one conversation which strengthens our relationship with him. If we are downcast when God slams us with a “negative” response, it means we value what we want over Him.  If my sons ran to me only when they needed something, I would feel really terrible. This is exactly how it is with us and God. He wants us to be close to him because he has much more to offer us than we can ever think of. Whoever has Him, has everything.

I hope this puts God’s no into perspective for somebody. Currently battling with a no? Trust me, He knows what He’s doing. A no from Him has goodness written all over it. God promises a safe landing, not a calm voyage. Trust Him

How has God’s no blessed you? Feel free to share your experiences.



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